Teachings of the Law of Attraction

What if you always learned in school that 1 + 1 = 3? You’ve learned it, your family before you learned it, even the whole world learned it and we’ve lived by it. But then you come to the realization that 1 + 1 actually = 2! That’s how you can look at the current understanding we have of the Law of Attraction. We thought we knew how it works and why it works. But nowadays we learn more and more, that what we thought we knew, was wrong.

Let me make one important statement:

‘Every rule we add on to the Law of Attraction limits the creative process to manifest your desire’ - You can quote me on that!

So why the name ‘Law of Attraction’?

It is a name we created. Humans gave it a label because we humans love to give meaning to something. That way we feel in control, we feel we’re understanding something.

The Law of Attraction is a label, a concept. As humans we noticed that certain ways of thinking and feeling makes things come to pass our lives. So we say we’ve attracted it. Then we said, if it always works in the exact same manner, then it’s a process. When this is so, it means the attraction works according to certain rules. Rules can be laws. And since that sounds kinda catchy and it’s marketable, we humans created the label: Law of Attraction. And then BOOM… we found a way to make millions of the invisible power of the Universe.

But you do not have to buy products, services or teachings about this power which creates your reality, it’s actually a service the Universe provides for free to every living soul. In order to market it though, and to monetize this power, people started to add on to the Law of Attraction. Because to make it interesting in order for people to buy it as a product, we need to make it complicated.

So there are some misconceptions about the Law of Attraction. Mainly this is because we humans tend to create an image around this Universal power.

The First Misconception we have is that we anthropomorphize this Universal power. What does that mean? It means we project cognitive thinking onto the Law of Attraction, like we are making this Universal power be like us humans, like it has a mind of its own. In a way, we think that the Law of Attraction can think, judge, feel and make choices like humans do. But it doesn’t.

As a side note: Humans anthropomorphize animals as well. And Karma, God or Allah. We anthropomorphize casino slots and machines, computers, cars and so on.

As said before, certain thoughts and feelings bring about a result. That is law. When you feel happy, the Law of Attraction doesn’t realize this is how you feel, then thinks things over, and consciously brings you something to match this. It doesn’t think or feel at all. It just matches your vibration at once.

When a criminal plots the perfect way to steal a painting, then the Universe will match the feelings of the criminal and bring a result into his experience. The Universe doesn’t stop to first judge his actions. It doesn’t decide to bring on an opposite result because the criminal has bad intentions. The Law of Attraction isn’t human, it doesn’t have cognitive thinking, it just matches the feelings we humans radiate.

The Second Misconception:

Let me explain it like this; We are all taught to use positive phrases to affirm something we want to manifest into our lives. As the teachings go: A negative statement will not have the desired outcome.

If you affirm; ‘I don’t feel sick’, the Universe will actually bring forth ‘I feel sick’ i.e.: More sickness. We are taught that negative words are not understood. That’s why we should state; ‘I am healthy’.

So then we are told that negative thinking creates lack. Meaning that when you say [example] ‘I don’t have money’, you will not manifest money, you manifest the lack of it.

When we are taught that negatives do not work, then this is flawed. ‘I don’t feel sick’, keeps me sick. So then ‘I don’t have money’, should in fact bring me money, not the lack of it.

It’s not possible to have a similar phrase bring on opposite results. In reality it doesn’t really matter what you affirm to yourself. What does matter, is how the phrase you are affirming is making you feel. If you feel awesome saying ‘I don’t feel sick’ and you feel good and energetic, then if this empowers you: Use it!

If you would feel perfectly fine with saying ‘I don’t have money’ there is no reason why it should bring about either lack or fortune. When your feelings are indifferent to the phrase it will have very little effect on your life. Though in most cases, money is important to people. When you say you have none, then you automatically feel bad about it because you’re missing something. The feeling of missing something, will create the lack of it, not the actual phrase.

There are millionaires in this world that feel their fortune is still lacking, they will actually say they don’t have money or not enough money. This in turn makes them work even harder at getting more money, more millions. So how is it possible that this manner of thinking is making the millionaires richer, instead of poorer? Because the underlying feelings on the subject makes them radiate a certain signal which is answered by the Universal power. When you think ‘I don’t have enough’ and it makes you feel like you want to create more, then the feeling radiates creating more, which the Universe will then provide.

This means you can use any phrase you want to affirm something. Just as long as it brings about the feeling you need to attract the things you want. ‘I never want to work again a day in my life’ can be a great statement if that makes you feel empowered to feel being free of work. You can also say ‘I am free of any obligations to work’. Has the same ring to it, doesn’t it?

No matter which phrase you use, use the one that creates the feeling of what you desire, and don’t make too much fuss about the wording. In the end all that matters is what you feel in your heart, because that’s what will signal the Universe to bring you more of.

A Third Misconception

Gratitude is the way to go, isn’t that what were taught? Being grateful is also a concept of man. When you receive something you should be grateful, it makes the other person feel appreciated. True, but we are talking about Universal powers here. As explained before, the Universal powers are not human, it doesn’t judge or feel disappointed. No matter if you are grateful or not, the way you feel about the thing you want is what will manifest.

A personal example is that you can even manifest something when you are truly angry. Now who was ever grateful when they are angry? A long time ago I was down and out, I couldn’t even afford a stick of gum. I was so angry that I stamped my feet screaming and yelling to the Universe to bring me money to pay my bills. I was truly desperate and angry. Moments after my ranting suddenly an email came in, which resulted in me landing a job that earned me € 700 in 3 days.

I wasn’t grateful, I just thought to myself ‘Finally, what the #%&@ took you so long!’ I demanded something specific and that specific thing was then brought to me. I was angry and not grateful, yet it still came about. And even today, I know I didn’t hurt the feelings of the Universe, because the Universe can’t feel offended. Like the bible says: Ask and it is given. I asked, sure I was furious, but it was still a question and specific to what I needed.

I am not trying to convince you not to be grateful, or to be angry, or to create any kind of emotion at all. What I am saying is that the idea of needing to be grateful is something we humans thought of. Because we as humans think being grateful is respectful. We judge how we should be thankful based on human thinking and human behavior. The Universe just is, and doesn’t care one bit.

You could say the Universe is like an Angel, always offering unconditional love and bringing you whatever you want without desiring anything in return. You might think ‘Well I do feel the need to offer gratitude in return, because it’s the right thing to do’. And I would agree on that if we’d be talking about human interaction.

Do you ever thank the sun for coming up each morning? You don’t because it just is. It comes up every day. And when the sun is not visible, you’d even be mad about it, or get depressed due to the cloudy skies blocking the sun. You think the sun or the clouds care how you feel?

The 4th Misconception

The ‘Act As If’ rule. To draw in our wants we should act as if. Act as if the thing we want is present even when it’s not. Act as if you are wealthy, healthy, working, loving, etc. Added on to that method, we created the idea of fake it till you make it. Not to step on someone’s toes here, but there are lots of fakers out there that really are not making it. Act as if you are happy when you’re actually depressed. Act as if you are surrounded by friends while you’re lonely and alone. Act as if you are famous, while no one even knows your name. Pretending to have something or be something which you’re not doesn’t bring on the desired outcome.

As a perfect example, let’s look at social media. Far too often we hear the stories of Instagram Celebrities who seem to have it all. They look happy, wealthy and surrounded by friends until suddenly they commit suicide because in reality they faked their fame and fortune while actually being broke, in debt, deeply depressed or even being bullied till they cracked. Acting, faking, pretending like something is true when your heart and soul know it’s not, won’t manifest something better for you.

When you’re broke, you know it through and through. When you’re depressed, you feel it in every cell of your body. When you are lonely, you can be surrounded by 1.000 people, and it won’t make a difference.

Robin Williams, worldwide regarded as one of the best comedians of all time. He was a happy, funny go lucky guy in real life, on stage and in movies. He died at 63 years of age due to suicide. People later found out he had a history of dealing with depression and mental health issues. No matter how he acted, it didn’t solve the struggles of his inner being.

Faking, acting, pretending, whatever you want to call it, it’s not working. Why? Because the more emphasis you put on something you’re not, will actually elevate those negative feelings more and more. Faking to be happy reminds you more about being depressed. Acting to be rich, but then not being able to pay at the cash register because your wallet is empty, reminds you that you’re broke. Whatever pedestal you put yourself on, you will tumble down and it will hit you on the nose.

A Fifth Misconception

When learning about the Law of Attraction you must have heard people saying ‘You need to be and think positive’. As much as positivity will surely help you reach your goals, it doesn’t mean you have to swallow, suppress, ignore or neglect your feelings [and emotions] when you feel bad. Trying to omit negative feelings will just make them come back more and more.

Feeling bad is a signal that something is off. Every human being has their own set of core values and beliefs. When someone or something is overstepping your boundaries which go against the things you stand for, then you will feel unhappy, sad or hurt. That is a very normal reaction. You can try to hide those feelings and emotions, but you know deep inside that this is not the way to go.

There is however a difference in how you act when this happens. Is your reaction aggressive? Or are you responding assertively when something bad happens? Aggression often fails to solve anything, and unfortunately it can make things worse (like attracts like). Being assertive, holding your ground by showing what you stand for, will clearly show your boundaries to others. You do not have to allow someone to cross them.

Know who you are, know what you stand for, and live life according to your core values and beliefs. When you do that, you will feel stronger, more confident and ultimately more positive. That positive feeling is a much stronger signal to the Universe, then when you force yourself to be positive while you’re actually feeling crappy inside.

The Sixt Misconception

[You can only manifest your desires when you visualize them before sleep and when waking up]. The idea behind this belief is, that when you go to sleep and just when you wake up, you’re in a theta state. When you are in a theta state, which means you are totally calm and at ease, you have a better chance to communicate your desires to your subconscious. When the subconscious knows what you want, it will seek opportunities for you to reach your desires.

So far so good. Though it doesn’t mean you will only manifest your desires at those specific moments of your day. If you read my other blog posts about the Law of Attraction, you know I do feel favorable to think of your desires whenever you feel at ease throughout the day. As long as you are in a relaxed state of mind, you are able to communicate with your subconscious. The less pressure you feel, the easier it is to move through the barrier between the conscious and subconscious mind.

Let’s say you’re sitting on a beach overlooking the ocean. Or maybe you’re walking in nature, hearing birds chirp and seeing rays of sunshine coming through the leaves. In such moments when you are really calm and just enjoying your whereabouts, it will be easy to remember your desires and visualize them towards the subconscious. Just a single moment of clarity knowing exactly what you want and thinking of that in a calm state of mind, will surely help you manifest your dreams.

Misconception No. Seven

It is said that only when you believe in something, you will be able to manifest it. But that is actually not the only way to manifest things in life. You can of course want something, visualize it and believe wholeheartedly that it will come to pass. But not everyone has such a strong belief. Especially when you are living in dire straits, it’ll be hard to believe you can manifest the opposite.

The second option to make your dreams come true, is to take action. Sounds so simple doesn’t it? Action though, is something were we humans are often lacking. ‘Well if I knew how to get rich, I would have already done so’, or ‘If I would have the right ideas, of course I would take action’. Then added on to that there is the resistance we feel. Because we might fail while trying, it might mean stepping out of your comfort zone which is scary. So taking action, means having to do something we are weary of.

But if 1) you have trouble believing things will change, and if 2) you are not willing to take action as well, then your chances of change are slim to none. In 1849, French writer Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr said: The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same. Which means when you take action to change something, even when making minor changes, the more chances you have for the changes to become permanent.

Humans are very habitual, which means that when you change a habit, it will become a permanent new habit. Wouldn’t you want to be in the habit to earn more income? Or the habit to do more exercise to be healthy? Especially in Positive Psychology people learn to change their habits to fit their desires. You could for example start exercising for just 5 minutes 3 times a week. When that becomes a new habit, you will actually miss it when you skip a day.

Then when you are set in this habit, add a 4th day, and go from 5 minutes to 15 minutes. Keep this up and within time you will become more healthy, more energetic and you will lose weight. Before you know it, you won’t just do more exercise, you will also start to eat more healthy, maybe stop drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes. Once you exercise fully and eat healthy on a regular basis, it will become your new habit to do so.

When you take action, even when it’s a minor step, it can still result in massive changes. Taking action doesn’t have to be scary. Humans often want to go from nothing to everything and that’s why we feel resistance and afraid we’ll fail. Start slow and start with small actions, it will bring you towards that big dream you’re chasing.

While you are taking these smaller steps, you will also see change begets change (quote by Charles Dickens). This in turn means you’re starting to believe it is possible. And then when you believe it is possible, it becomes plausible. The new beliefs you have will be your new attitude, which will manifest your dreams coming true because as always: like attracts like.

An 8th Misconception

In some teachings it’s said that language doesn’t matter. What matters is the thing which is being said. It honestly doesn’t work that way, because when your conscious mind doesn’t understand something, it will not be able to portrait it towards the subconscious. There are numerous affirmation recordings on YouTube which are in English. But if you do not fully understand the English language, then your mind cannot comprehend what’s actually being affirmed.

We use our mind to grasp information, and give meaning to it. Understand that whatever you do, at whatever moment, you have an emotion for what you are experiencing. Words you hear have a certain meaning to you. And that meaning brings on an emotion. So then if you cannot understand what’s being said, you will also not have any emotional response to it.

Since the Universe responds to how you feel, it will be unable to match your frequency of your emotions when you aren’t having any. Someone can say pretty nasty words to you in a foreign language, you wouldn’t care one bit if you don’t comprehend their words. The same counts for hearing positive affirmations which you fail to understand, they will have little impact on your feelings, hence they will not produce an outcome for you.

The 8 misconceptions above are the ones I hear or read about most, there might be more, though these are most relevant in my opinion. As I said at the start of this article: ‘Every rule we add on to the Law of Attraction limits the creative process to manifest your desire’. This simply means that, the more we as humans make up rules on how to use the Law of Attraction, the more we are limiting ourselves.

Manifesting your own circumstances and positive outcomes works always, even if you never heard of the Law of Attraction. It is a part of our Universe, as much as the Law of Gravity. We don’t add on rules to make the Law of Gravity work, so then there is no need to add rules to the Law of Attraction. Sure, it does work with the rules we make up, and it will also work without them. I personally prefer the latter, having no rules and no limitations.



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